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The Sate-Lite team consists of skilled optical specialists and outstanding product designers. Depending on our team members and precise processing equipment, our products cater for different optical demand of customers and the market. After finishing the optics design, appearance design will be finished by determining the shape and size of light lens or light cups. All optical instruments and equipment are imported from the United States to ensure best and advanced optical technology. We devote ourselves to innovation and development of our products.

 Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastic Product Co., Ltd.
 Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Our circuits are small but powerful. Selecting high quality circuits and making strict inspection is always our routine. Sate-Lite is dedicated to supervise every details of our products to avoid inferior quality products and improve efficiency.

 Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

With irreversible evolution, our engineers make contributions to creating different and novel products to meet customers’ need. Also, using premium engineering technology, our products have advantages of complying with strict and famous certification standard.

 Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Using innovative injection technology, our products make a great breakthrough to traditional skill. It greatly improves the appearance and completeness of bike lights. What’s more, advanced imported injection molding machine produces excellent optical lens. Our experienced injection workers also play an essential role in production and management.

 Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Our assembly shop provides clean work environment and has enough space and labors to finish big orders and meet production demand. Our workers have a clear division of labor and master professional skills to ensure work efficiency. During the manufacturing process, specialized quality personnel will check every products with carefulness.

 Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

For the purpose of producing high quality and delicate products, all manufacturing process and product performance need to go through a series of reliable tests, which includes stable rack mounting, resistant to high/low temperature, waterproof rating, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, electric wire CAS and tensility.


We have professional sales team who are responsible to provide best pre-sale and after-sale service for customers. Owing to our strict quality inspection, our outstanding and hot products sell well all over the world. In addition, we provide one year product warranty to ensure our customers have a pleasant purchase.

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