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what’s StVZO bike light

Jan. 25, 2021


As we all know, StVZO is necessary in German markt,but what it really about?

StVZO (Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung) is German Regulations, authorizing the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic. Normally we call it K-MARK, since there have a K number on the light which is the simplest way to determine if this light is legal or not, if you use the light without K-MARK on the road and you may be fined


What’s difference between the bike light come with or without StVZO?

Visually recognizable, first of all, checking is there a K number engraved on the light or not, secondly we would judge it if the light beam blind the oncoming people or not, the StVZO regulation strictly required the cut-off light beam which avoid dazzling oncoming road users, otherwise it will be nightmare if the lighting without the optical anti-glare design, thirdly we could check of the shape beam, if the StVZO bike light, the shape on the road will like the rectangular that’s thanks to the strict light distribution, but if it as like the torchlight, there no doubt that this is illegal


Function recognition, as for preventing and reducing the traffic accidents, the StVZO bike light without the flashing function or SOS function, moreover if the bike light powered by AAA batteries, the low power indicator is required, and the indicator should not display the low power after 1 hour on-light checking


Laboratory detection, the light distribution as uniformly as possible. At least 10lx in the central light (HV) and the maximum illuminance (Emax) shall not exceed 1.2 times of HV, that Prevents the single-point beams from becoming too concentrated.


As we all know, the StVZO certificate is difficult to get, it take a lot of time,as well as money

and only the German companies are eligible to apply, however, Sate-Lite Plastics Co., LTD still maintaining the leading position on this field, owning the light distribution trough reflector reflection USA Make Reflector/Lights Tunnels, Therefore, the lights can be tested in their own laboratory according to the testing standards of German regulations, direct delivery of qualified products to avoid repeated trials and re-testing

keep an eye on regulation changes, the most up-to-date lighting design adapting to the market changes. over 10 design engineer server you the professional advice when your mold making, outstanding in OEM & lighting customization

contact me if you do interested about the StVZO bike lighting




StVZO Fahrradlicht
StVZO Fahrradbeleuchtung
StVZO Fahrradlampe

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