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Sate-Lite E-Bike Front Light-C7 Super-New Technology Milestone for StVZO Certified Optical Design

Jan. 22, 2021


As you can see from the E-bike light current market, the lux is only around 15-30 lux which cannot meet more diverse demand from our customers. As an innovative and humane enterprise, we have been dedicated to developing new lights, offering our professional help for riding safety industry.


We are now introducing our new e-bike light C7 Super which can reach up to 110 Lux, a totally new optical system we design for the lights, it’s also a new technology breakthrough within year of 2020. C7 super is a descendant of C7 Plus and C7.


Its ECO-REFLEX ® feature offers extremely high optical efficiency while Its central illuminance can reach up to 110 LUX, which is further brighter than it is requested by German StVZO standard.


A focused light beam with a sharp cut of line is more user-friendly for riders from opposite direction. This electric bike headlight creates an extraordinarily broad and homogeneously low beam, ensuring maximum safety in curve rides.


What is more, 5-58V wide voltage, built-in bridge rectifier for PCBA and automatic buck-boost make it more universal for the majority of E-bikes in the market.

A unique lateral light increases the side-visibility, which is impressive.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Thank you!  

Sammi:   Sammil@sate-lite.com.cn


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