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The newest combination of the e-scooter lights in 2021.

Feb. 10, 2021


Past two years, electric scooters appeared on the streets as a main vehicle. The scooters were a hit across the country, but regulators specially Germany started imposing bans and heavy restrictions on their usage.

As a professional Germany StVZO bike light manufacturer, we should satisfy different requirements about different markets. Therefore, the newest head and rear light combination of escooter released at the beginning of this year. 

C9 is the newest front light with StVZO standard, OSRAM LED, close range zone optical design, built-in passive light reflector with the K-mark and E-mark extremely decreases rate of accidents.

The newest combination of the e-scooter lights in 2021.

LR-09 is the smallest rear brake light with K mark, Z mark as well as E mark in the world, built in reflector and 220 degrees visibility design greatly increase the safety of the riders.

This ultra-small and lightweight light set is suitable for dynamo bottle, hub dynamo, e-bike and e-scooter. Both head and rear lights are with anti-glare design, effectively increases the safety of the cyclists and the people around. IPX-5 strong waterproof function can resist the bad weather.

The newest combination of the e-scooter lights in 2021.

Written by Yolanda: Yolandah@sate-lite.com.cn. 

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