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2 Advantages of Electric Scooters

Feb. 19, 2021


Recently, electric scooters have become a symbol of modern urban transport; they are becoming a common sight in big cities such as Berlin, Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco etc. The trend is still going upwards especially since year 2019-outbreak of COVID-19! While we think this recent boom in popularity is excellent, we cannot deny that there are many who remain unconvinced. Therefore, we would like to share 2 outstanding advantages with you that might change our mind in electric scooters.


1. Eco-friendly

With electric scooters being one of the frontrunners so far, we are having a more environmentally friendly modes of transport and reduced emissions is seeing some progress. They only use a small amount of electricity and do not emit any emissions, which is better for the air quality in our cities and for the lungs of their residents. As a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of travelling, it does not get any better than an electric scooter. And electric scooter is rechargeable, which helps to the extents of protecting the environment.


2. Portability

Electric scooters are light and foldable, allowing for easy storage and portability. You can simply pull it along much like you would a small suitcase or your car, meaning you can take it virtually anywhere. Then, when the time comes, you simply unfold it and you are on your way you want to head for.


       Other than the two advantages of electric scooter, we will share 3 more with you about electric scooters for next article. Kindly follow us https://www.yblbikelight.com/.


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