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Have your requirements for lights been updated?

Mar. 17, 2021


Great changes have taken place in the electrical world of light vehicles. It can be said with certainty that no matter what new status quo emerges from COVID-19, the previous systems that relied on transporting people and goods in cities will never be the same.

The result of these trends is an influx of new businesses into the market, with the fastest-growing categories including private bicycles, scooters and mopeds.

Our newest headlight C8 is not only suitable for ebike but also for the scooter, its unique compact design rewarded the praise from our clients.

C8 is the front light with only 70g weight but 60 Lux, we adopted the OSRAM LED to ensure the quality of the beam. Meanwhile, we adopted the advanced anti-glare technology, greatly increases the safety of the cyclists and the people around. 6v~58v wide voltages, is suitable for dynamo bottle, hub dynamo, ebike and escooter. IPX-5 strong waterproof function can resist the bad weather. White light at the tail will light up when the power is on.

Contact me if you want to know more information of our products, thanks for your time!

Yolanda Ho: yolandah@sate-lite.com.cn .

Have your requirements for lights been updated?cid=17

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